Secure Your Sales With Google for Free During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Secure Your Sales With Google for Free During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted on Thursday, April 30th, 2020 at 4:20 pm    

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The current COVID-19 pandemic has brought a sense of doubt to just about every retail sector in America. The shelter-in-place orders have closed the doors to many physical stores that are now relying on digital sales and curbside pickup to stay afloat. 

Consumers, many of whom are staying at home as essential businesses are only allowed to be open, have flocked to purchase goods online, including everything from essential products to apparel to kid’s toys. If one thing is for certain amidst these uncertain times, however, people still enjoy a good shopping spree or bargain find. 

The Benefits of Marketing With Google

The key for businesses–for those who find themselves working with a limited scale of what they are accustomed to–is to continue engaging with these customers by implementing a strategic digital marketing plan.

That is where we believe digital marketing can separate your business from your competitors.

The silver lining of the coronavirus pandemic and utilizing a solid strategic content marketing strategy, is that Google will now show search results primarily consisting of free listings in an effort to help retailers connect with potential consumers. 

This is crucial because Google is the tool that buyers use to access countless shopping searches that affected businesses have in stock but are not necessarily discoverable online commodities.

What You Need to do in Order to Benefit

For those retailers who have been impacted, Google’s “freebie” is a lifeline to sell their merchandise to millions of people who need digital access to their shopping desires. Retailers can maximize potential sales by emphasizing their content marketing plans as well as their products, with the help of their paid digital marketing and Google’s free listing search to work in tandem and draw from a great reservoir of consumers. 

It is worth noting that if you are already employing Merchant Center and Shopping ads, you don’t have to do anything to take advantage of Google’s free listing. 

Those retailers who are new to developing Merchant Center ads can maximize their profits by working with a digital marketing agency that can walk them through the do’s and don’ts of the onboarding process that will develop over the course of the next month or so.

Google and Existing Partners Have a Variety of Tools to Help You Track Products and Inventory

Google’s adjustments will take place in America by the end of April, and the search giant is looking to expand the service worldwide by the end of the year. Local retail merchants will have access to Google’s help center to understand information regarding how to engage in free product listings and Shopping ads.

Google is also partnering with PayPal to help merchants synchronize their accounts, which will help your onboarding process run smoothly and ensure that you are getting a sound search engine results page (SERPs) for your business. 

It would be a smart move for merchants who wish to maximize their digital footprint to align themselves with an affluent marketing agency that can outline an efficient plan that utilizes search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and an appropriate digital marketing campaign that will enhance this great resource Google is offering to merchants all across America.

How to Set Up Google Merchant

Signing up for Google Merchant Center is as easy as having a Google account in hand and entering your business information in Everything from your business name to minor nuances like your timezone and familiarizing yourself with
guidelines can be filled out in this section. Reviewing the terms in the Merchant Center will help you on your way to start ranking on SERPs, which is going to help your organic traffic and overall sales.

Cobalt Digital Marketing understands how to navigate businesses through this time of uncertainty and implement an effective digital marketing strategy to go along with Google’s new objective of helping retailers sell products online for free to maximize your business on all fronts.

Our Cobalt Formulaᵀᴹ can help your business get back on track while helping your customers find you!



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Surprise! Google Algorithm Updates Are Shaking Things Up.

Posted on Wednesday, November 20th, 2019 at 12:48 pm    

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Whenever Google rolls out with a core update to its search algorithm, it’s usually a big deal for businesses, institutions, and digital marketers alike. As per usual, however, mum’s the word regarding a recent update to their search algorithm or how it might ultimately affect search engine optimization (SEO).

Usually, that’s for us catalysts to find out.

Our McAllen digital marketers at Cobalt Digital Marketing have put their heads together, using expert Google skills, a little elbow grease, and some good, old fashioned SEO know-how to find any insight on this sudden update. Staying on top of the SEO game is so important to your ranking on Google’s search engine results page (SERP) to prevent catastrophic consequences to your web presence and, ultimately, your business’ bottom line.

Unofficially Dubbed the “Turkey” Update

For the better part of the last month, what started as a few whispers of an “unconfirmed November update” within dark corners of SEO forums eventually turned into a tweetstorm of discussion within the SEO community.

Many marketers, web developers, and business owners noticed unusual shifts when their traffic numbers took a drastic drop in ranking and expressed their concerns. Within these observations, this update only seemed to affect smaller U.S. based websites, and the ones that took a significant hit revolved around the food, travel, health, and lifestyle blogs respectively.

As for Google themselves, it took them a few days to officially put out a statement via Twitter thread. While they did not specify what changes were made to their algorithm, they simply stated that these kinds of “routine” updates happen on a regular basis–which of course they do–and that if there is no major announcement prior, website owners should not have to prepare for anything in terms of adjustments.

Google’s Recommendations For SEO 

As mentioned, any update Google makes is a big deal, especially if it’s in distributed as a curveball.

Since three out of four Google users do not go past the first results page when looking for a specific topic or service, local businesses and institutions heavily depend on digital marketers and SEO experts to place their website on the first search engine results page (SERP).

With that said, Google has previously panned out a number of suggestions for SEO specialists and website owners if their pages were affected at any given point due to an update:

1. Original, Accurate, and Relevant Content Is Key – One of the main things Google has emphasized to its users is to ultimately focus more on creating the most relevant, accurate, and original content that best pertains to what the user is looking for, rather than just focusing on keywords.

While keywords are important, however, your webpage should also focus on precision and consistency with the information being distributed. Users expect to find credible content when they search, so ultimately running a trustworthy and reliable page would, over time, benefits your business, raising you to the top of the SERP as more people visit your website and trusts you as an authority in your particular niche.

2. Optimize, Optimize, Optimize – As mobile technology grows in popularity, it is absolutely necessary for digital marketing to adapt. This means keeping page load times short (often by compressing images), optimizing your site to be mobile-friendly (able to be viewed and formatted for smartphone or tablet users), and giving your content that sleek visual while addressing the walls of text.

3. Compare With the Competition – While nobody likes to think about what their competitors are doing, analyzing the successes and failures can give you crucial insight necessary to implement a digital marketing strategy that can work, giving you a better edge in building revenue for your business.

The Cobalt Formulaᵀᴹ Means Adaptability in a Volatile Environment

Our McAllen digital marketers of Cobalt Digital Marketing are always one step ahead of the game as we are always constantly watching out for curveballs that might be thrown at the SEO community.

Our dedicated catalysts strive to build lasting brands from the ground up, designed to ultimately increase your online audience engagement and sales through our successfully proven and award-winning Cobalt Formulaᵀᴹ.

Our catalysts are renowned for their attention to SEO updates. So much so that our Cobalt Lab helps other digital marketing companies create content that complies with these SEO updates so that they retain happy clients.

Not only can we create a custom-made formula based on what your goals are for your company or business, but our new service, Cobalt Alpha, can easily help business owners, freelancers, or other creatives build a sleek, professional website all on their own with all the tools you need in a manner of seconds.


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Our Cobalt Formula™ can help your business prosper, reach one of our catalysts today at (866) 224-5705.

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Android P Cometh, and With It a Slew of Features, Both New and Familiar

Posted on Monday, May 14th, 2018 at 4:05 pm    

[et_pb_section fb_built=”1″ _builder_version=”3.22″][et_pb_row _builder_version=”3.25″ background_size=”initial” background_position=”top_left” background_repeat=”repeat”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″ _builder_version=”3.25″ custom_padding=”|||” custom_padding__hover=”|||”][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.0.74″ background_size=”initial” background_position=”top_left” background_repeat=”repeat”]Recently, the Google I/O conference gave us a glimpse into what’s in store for Android P.

To say the least, this technologically-aggressive operating system update is jam-packed full of new features and performance updates that would make the biggest of technophiles rejoice.

No word yet on what the update will be officially named, though. People in the know say that it may be called “Pistachio Ice Cream,” going along with Android’s sweet treats routine, but it hasn’t been confirmed just yet.

Leave it to Cobalt Digital Marketing to give you the skinny on what exactly this new OS will provide. Seriously, you’ve got to check this out.

Android P looks to improve a lot of the performance and stability issues.

Lot’s of changes are going down when Android P officially launches. For now, it is in public beta, so you might want to give it a shot if you would like to help out the devs.

Here are a few changes that are coming:

Battery Life Updates

Let’s get some of the basic information out of the way first. Android users know for a fact that recent updates have been draining their battery life. It seems like you can’t even play a game of PUBG Mobile without 30 percent of your battery life dropping in an instant.

As is customary before every update, Google reassures us that they are continuing to work on these battery issues just like they have in the past. This time is no exception. Android P is looking to refine the way the Battery Saver app works. The update will allow owners to turn on the app around 70 percent or below. And you can count on not seeing that annoying orange bar within the Battery Saver app. It will be replaced with a persistent notification icon.

But the coolest part about this battery life update that is expected to come with the OS update is the Adaptive Battery. Imagine a battery that learns how you use apps while restricting battery use from apps that you don’t use that often, effectively reducing CPU app wake-ups by 30 percent. That means battery life savings!

Upping Security

While Google typically does a decent job adding security features in their updates, this year they are taking it to the next level.

In the coming update, encryption will be built upon, making your device and data more secure. Android P will focus on client-side encryption, meaning that data encryption or decryption that takes place will now happen on your phone and require authentication in the form of a password, PIN, or pattern.

As Google backs up our information into its cloud, this change will make getting access to your information from a computer difficult for even the most seasoned of hackers.

Every time you access a network, your unique media access control (MAC) address is shared with said network. The neat thing about the new security changes is that you will be allowed to create your own random MAC address for every network you access. Keep in mind, however, that every time you access a familiar network, Android P won’t create another randomized MAC address.

You can bet your sweet bytes, though, that Android P will be bringing along other security features that affect third-parties, like a user notification whenever they use an old application programming interface (API) and encrypted network traffic on their apps. Not only that, but finally, a unified user interface for fingerprint authentication will be available.


The update is also trying to improve the public’s privacy faith in Google, who hasn’t been the most private of companies in the past.

The update wants to restrict OS access to your device’s microphone, camera, and other sensors. That means when an app is running in the background or idle, it cannot access any other sensors within the device, save for GPS. If the app wishes to gain access to them, a persistent notification will pop up.

Cutout Support

Since Apple introduced the notch with their iPhone X, it is cascading over to an increasing number of Android devices. Currently, Android doesn’t offer native support.

That all will change when the OS officially launches because Android P will feature a native cutout support. Cutout support will improve how apps render on your device, ensuring that you don’t lose any content on streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, or Hulu.

Faster App Reactions

Another big change in performance care of Android P are the enhancements to Android Runtime. The enhancements from Android Runtime will allow apps to launch faster and use less memory by rewriting their own execution files on the device.

And now for the good stuff…

This update really packs in the new features and improvements. For instance:

Navigation Bar Changes

This is probably the biggest change that Google is doing for Android P. The navigation bar has been relocated to the bottom portion of your screen, and your Home button will be replaced with a pill-shaped icon.

However, with change, some things can get left behind. With the new navigation bar, you’ll notice that the Overview button has vanished alongside the Clear All button. Don’t worry, though. As per a tweet by David Burke, VP of Engineering for Android, the features will return in a future edition of the beta.

In future updates, the navigation bar will be customizable as well, allowing users to change the color and background, and add custom widgets to it.

With the new navigation bar with Home button, you can swipe across the Home button to access a lot of cool functions like…

New Gestures

After a 6 year hiatus to gestures in general, Android P will bring with it a bunch of new interesting and innovative gestures, like:

  • If you want to prevent ringing, all you’ll have to do is hold the Power button and the Volume Up button on your device.
  • Swiping up on the Home button will allow you to see your recently used apps.
  • Swiping left on the Home button will allow you to open up multitasking views.
  • The ability to silence your phone by simply turning it over, which switches on the device’s Do Not Disturb feature.

Do Not Disturb will also be improved upon by giving users the ability to completely turn off notifications. That means no lock screen notification, no notifications in your notification drawer. Nothing.

Multi-Camera Support

Hot on Nokia’s Dual-Sight heels, Android P is making similar features to the app that will be widely available to most Android smartphones. The Android P feature will allow developers to access streams on multiple phone cameras at the same time.

While it is unlikely that Android P will have a native feature that is similar to Dual-Sight within the update, developers can easily create a third-party app that can fulfill that desire.

ML Kit

Speaking about allowing developers to access some pretty nifty things, ML Kit will allow them to use Google’s device learning tasks within the apps that they create.

ML Kit, while not exclusive to Android P, can allow a developer to use the camera for face detection, text recognition, or even landmark recognition. This feature can spark a lot of innovation in the app-developing community.

Improved Notifications

Google has the technology. They can build notifications bigger, faster, and better. Notifications have been under the microscope for some time now, and Google wants them to still be more useful.

Android P solves this problem by allowing the user to use smart replies, which allow you to attach pictures, stickers, and also let you type out your own reply, thanks to Google’s “MessagingStyle”.

Google Maps Will Get Some Love

Google Maps is about to become more versatile with the OS update. Before, the app was solely used for navigation at the street level, meaning that only those that drove or walked on the sidewalk could get directions on the go.

With the OS update, Google Maps will now be able to go inside businesses. For instance, if you were in a new city and wanted to go to the mall to visit a certain store but didn’t know where it was, Google Maps will now not only lead you to the mall but also direct you to the store itself.

How? By using Wi-Fi Round Trip Time (RTT), which pinpoints your indoor location through Wi-Fi.


This feature will be a godsend to those that think they spend too much time on their phone—preach!

Dashboard helps track the time that you spend using your device. There, you can see just how long you’ve been using your phone divided into what actions you are taking, whether it be texting, streaming content, or even making calls.

Dashboard gives you control again, allowing you to set up screen time limits for specific apps. It also sends out recommendations to take a break after binging on YouTube or Netflix.

Wind Down Mode

For those of us that like to take our phones to bed to read or watch video content, Wind Down Mode can help us put the phone down before bed.

The new feature uses grayscale to turn your screen gray, reminding you that it is time to get some sleep. The gray color is easier for your eyes, promoting sleepiness since computer and phone screens can cause sleeping problems because of the light they give off.

Speaking of Brightness…

Android P is also coming out with Adaptive Brightness, a feature that uses artificial intelligence to determine the brightness settings you prefer. Once learned, it can make adjustments depending on the lighting around you.

Your eyes will thank you.

A New Way to Lock That Screen Down

Even though the screen orientation lock option is a thing now, it can be difficult when switching between apps. Android P is looking to fix this issue by offering a whole new way to stop those accidental screen rotations.

Once the update goes live officially, you will be able to pin a screen in a certain rotation. If you want to switch orientations, all you’ve got to do is tap on the Phone icon to the right of the Recent Apps and Home button.


Slices are similar to widgets, and they allow app developers to use its API within Android to create contextual suggestions depending on your use; effectively creating shortcuts for apps you use frequently. These interactive snippets grant you the ability to use the app without having to launch it, minimizing the amount of tapping you have to do.

For instance, if you searched for a Lyft, you may get an option that will allow you to book a Lyft in the future without having to actually open the app. The options can be a series of photos or even a slider, and while they may be added to other functions in the OS in the future, when it is released in Android P, it will be accessible first through the Search.

App Actions

Last year, Android used A.I. to determine what kind of apps users would like based on different criteria. Now, Android P is looking to enhance that feature through what is called App Actions.

App Actions allows your phone to use A.I. both as it was initially proposed for but also to make suggestions based on your usage history. Take, for example, your Home screen. If you make a phone call to your parents around 5 p.m. daily, whenever you open your Home screen, you may get a suggestion to call them.

App Actions can also make suggestions within context. For example, let’s say that you just plugged in your headphones to your phone. Shortly after, you’ll receive a suggestion for a certain type of music or podcast app.

What phones can support it?

Even though the official update won’t be dropping until around fall, you can still try out the public beta. But you must have one of the nine phones that can support it:

  1. Pixel and Pixel 2
  2. Essential Phone
  3. Sony’s Xperia XZ2
  4. Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 2S
  5. Nokia’s 7 Plus
  6. Vivo’s X21
  7. Oppo’s R15
  8. The soon to be released OnePlus 6

If you do have anyone these phones, installing the software is rather easy, and you can find the steps here.

A lot to take in? Don’t sweat it. Luckily, you’ve got a dedicated team of catalysts at Cobalt Digital Marketing that know everything from mobile updates to mobile optimization. It comes in handy in helping you get to the top of Google rankings and staying there.

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Our Cobalt Formula™ can help your business prosper, reach one of our catalysts today at (866) 224-5705.

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Get A Hold of Your Online Rep…Before They Do

Posted on Monday, August 21st, 2017 at 11:48 pm    

[et_pb_section fb_built=”1″ _builder_version=”3.22″][et_pb_row _builder_version=”3.25″ background_size=”initial” background_position=”top_left” background_repeat=”repeat”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″ _builder_version=”3.25″ custom_padding=”|||” custom_padding__hover=”|||”][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.0.74″ background_size=”initial” background_position=”top_left” background_repeat=”repeat”]

We’re looking at you politicians.

You’ve probably heard some horrendous online stories.

Viral celebs spouting nonsense and becoming YouTube famous. Crazed individuals having very public meltdowns on live streaming.

How about the Facebook weekend escapade that’s a little too personal. Photos of outlandish behavior after a few margaritas too many.

Yup…that’s a pink slip on Monday.

And then, of course, there are websites of prominent political and cultural figures that just aren’t what you expected.

Whether you like it or not, your reputation is on-the-line (and online) anytime you decide to post to your social media accounts. And if you’re really unlucky (see link above), then somebody else is deciding your online rep for you.

Yes. The Internet is huge and it’s basically impossible to protect yourself at every corner of the virtual world.

But that doesn’t mean you should let everything slide. Especially when you have a solid reputation to uphold (we’re still looking at you politicians).

Whether you’re on the hunt for a new job, a well-respected business owner, or on the campaign trail, you need to have a grasp on your online reputation – especially as you climb up the ladder.

If you weren’t aware of this, Cobalt Digital Marketing is here to provide you some vital insights.

This Is the Reality…


Suffice to say that news websites, apps, and social media are a mainstay resource for learning about politicians and their platforms. And while stats point towards a relatively younger demographic using the Internet as a research tool, it should go without saying that as we go forward, these numbers are going to increase.

As for local news – which would entail local political news – a 2012 Pew Research Center survey found that residents of urban communities tend to stay informed through Internet searches, Twitter, blogs, websites of TV news networks and newspapers.

It was also noted that urban and suburban residents are more likely to consume local news on mobile devices. The study showed that 53% of urban and 57% of suburban residents found local news or information via cell phones or tablets. Small city and rural residents stood at a still respectable 45% and 35%.

This role of cell phones and social media in politics should not be underestimated. From 2010 to 2014, the percentage of registered voters who used their cell phones for political news doubled.

Additionally, there was more than 150% growth in the number of Americans who followed candidates or other political figures on some form of social media in that same time frame.

And for your peace of mind. The digital world is truly non-partisan. Democrats and Republicans tend to act along the same guidelines when it comes to digital campaigning.

In the world of politics, especially in local elections, every vote counts. Being able to reach your constituency in the mode they best prefer is not only ideal but necessary…

Because (Tragically) It’s A Dog Eat Dog World

No. We’re not encouraging badmouthing. Cobalt does NOT condone spreading false allegations or dealing with unfortunate situations by fighting fire with fire.

But we do recognize the importance of a digital marketing campaign for politicians that includes online reputation management in order to reduce the collateral damage caused by rumors, disgruntled ex-employees, and political mudslinging.

Whether you recognize it or not, your online reputation is developing. Without ever having posted on Facebook. Regardless if you’ve ever tweeted an emoji. Even if you have never Liked or Snapped. Your political career – and your personal story – are likely to be floating in the ether that is the Internet.

This is the game:

  • People talk. On social media, websites, forums, and news sites alike. You need an opportunity to tell the truth. A digital marketing campaign is the perfect outlet.
  • You’re a politician. You need be to amongst the people. In the digital world and real world alike.
  • Controversy happens. Be ahead of the news with real-time social media campaigns.
  • Your political opponents are online. Are you?
  • Local residents are upset for a just cause. Don’t ignore them.
  • This happens. You need to take care of it.

A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes – Charles Spurgeon

Mr. Spurgeon hit it right on the nail. But, thankfully, Cobalt Digital can help to spread the truth out just as fast.

Online reputation management for you political campaign includes a number of pieces all working in unison to get your message across to the right audience – and to those who need to hear it most.

Online reputation management should include:


  • A campaign website


One of the best tools to get your name and platform across is through a website. Search engines place a high value on domains that include the politician’s name and will frequently appear on the top of search results.

Being in the top position on the first page of Google is ideal as studies show that click through rates for the first position in 2017 gets 44.64% of the clicks. But a first results page position isn’t bad either considering that first page gets 89% of all clicks.

This ability to get in front of the right audience will be of immense value to get your message out there for voters to find. We can also help to build an e-mail data base so that you can provide potential voters with meaningful content, information, and news about your platform and campaign.

A mobile optimized site is also essential as 40% of voter aged 30-49 used their cell phone to follow candidates in 2014.


  • Social.


To try and separate social interaction from politics would be a fool’s errand. What better way to keep in touch with potential voters – in real-time no less – than a quality social media campaign.

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the go-to social media platforms for politicians that are serious about gaining an edge. The ability to deliver curated content and messages to your constituency and potential voters is pivotal for your campaign.

A 2010 Facebook study determining the efficacy of Facebook marketing in getting people to vote in a congressional election was astounding. The nonpartisan message reached a  total of 61 million people and created an additional 340,000 voters.

Branding is another element of social media marketing. We can help to build brands by utilizing unique hashtags as a powerful visual tool and conduit to engagement. We include this branding on social media posts, website, digital advertisements, and blogs.


  • Content is king.


A steady stream of quality content that includes press releases, video, blogs, online interviews, and email campaigns for your website and social media accounts will boost your reputation.

With the Cobalt Digital team, you are guaranteed to have hot topic content scheduled on a regular basis. Fresh web content will push “web crawlers” to update your web page ranking more frequently and increase your chance of getting up to those pivotal top spots on Google.

When done correctly, other websites will link to meaningful content on your site and provide you with authority and increased traffic.

Experienced politicians understand that negative PR is bound to happen. Counteract that negative publicity with positive, quality material that you control.


  • Email marketing.


Email marketing can be a slippery slope. You want to provide potential voters and social media influencers with enough information about your platform. But you don’t want to bombard them with useless campaign updates that will lead them to unsubscribing from your mailing lists.

Cobalt Digital understands the nuances of email marketing and will provide personal messages to those who matter most – voters.

We also reach out to individuals known as influencers who can help to further your message. These include bloggers and website owners who can help you to break through that trust barrier traditional marketing often has.

Email marketing can also help you to manage your online reputation by providing you the ability to counter against any negative messages that may be floating around out there. You can appeal to your audience’s emotions and push them into action.


  • Targeted SEO and advertisements.


Search engine optimization (SEO), in technical jargon terms, is the process of on-site and off-site coding, link building, and content creation with certain keywords that are guaranteed to reach your audience.

These strategies include analysis of big data and social media data to increase advertisement reach, the success of your campaign, your ability to educate voters – and ultimately – generate votes for you.

But be wary of so-called SEO experts that utilize Black Hat tactics. These individuals will end up getting your site penalized because of their use of keyword stuffing, link spamming, and other negative strategies.

It’s challenging enough to maintain a positive image without the destructive actions of another making your brand look worse.

Cobalt Digital for 2017 (and 2018, 2019, 2020…)

There’s no way around it. Politics, just like the rest of the world, is quickly becoming digital. Online reputation management and the right digital marketing plan are absolutely essential and will become even more so in the future.

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Our Cobalt Formula™ can help your business prosper, reach one of our catalysts today at (866) 224-5705.

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Your Law Firm’s Impeccable Reputation + The Cobalt Formula™ = Raising The Bar

Posted on Tuesday, June 27th, 2017 at 9:55 pm    

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Let’s start with the truth.

Digital marketing – just like the world of law – is constantly evolving. Once you think you’ve got a solid handle on things, social media trends shift, Google’s algorithm changes, a new technology emerges…there’s a million things that can happen seemingly overnight.

This means you have to stay ahead of the game. As digital marketers, we continually analyze metrics, explore new Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, remain up-to-date on evolving social platforms – and even sometimes – fail.

That’s something we’ve realized here at Cobalt Digital Marketing (and have learned to work with). Digital marketing and SEO isn’t a science, it’s an organic, living thing that grows and changes. And in today’s tech-driven world, businesses, and law firms alike, have to be willing to adapt to these changes in order to prosper.

But why do attorneys need a website?

In business, it’s all about competition. We work with our clients to identify and show their competitive advantages. For lawyers and law firms, it is even more important to maintain an impeccable online reputation and clearly communicate what their practice is all about. When clients are reaching out to an attorney for personal injury, bad faith insurance, auto accidents, lawsuits against dangerous medications and medical devices, or even home insurance disputes, law firms truly provide hope in the darkest of times.

But if clients can’t find you…

If you weren’t aware of it, attorneys can benefit tremendously from responsive websites and a comprehensive digital marketing program including content, SEO, and reputation management.

Google conducted research in 2013 that found that after searching for a lawyer through their search engine, 29.5% of respondents visited the law firm’s site, while 27.6% read reviews of the firm on Google. This comes to a total to 57.1% of people finding law firms through online research.

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Understandably, a strong reputation in your respective city or region is essential to building a client base. But in today’s market, a robust and active online reputation is just as important – or even more so. The reality is that in order to remain competitive in 2017 – and into the foreseeable future – law firms need a well designed site that offers an exceptional user experience.

One of the best actions an attorney can take to secure a top position in Google listings – which is the leading search engine in the world – is to have a responsive website. As the gold standard for today’s web design, responsive websites are streamlined to work optimally on any device, from desktop to smartphone and even tablet.

By placing the user experience in the forefront of your web design, you’ll be providing a solid first impression.

Providing Value to Potential Clients

Google’s bread and butter is giving people what they’re looking for. With frequently updated algorithms designed to spot bad website etiquette, such as keyword stuffing and bad linking, Google can quickly bury an attorney’s website into the deep, dark dungeon of the internet – if they aren’t offering quality content.

However, by writing meaningful, quality content on a regular basis, Google will more frequently crawl and index your page – that’s a good thing! Of course, you’re likely to be busy with clients and growing a thriving law practice, which means you don’t have much time for anything else.

That’s where we come in.

As part of our comprehensive digital marketing programs, we’ll give you a competitive edge by creating original, valuable, and frequently updated content that will put you front and center on Google, making it a whole lot easier for potential clients to find you.

It’s also important to know with the growth of semantic search and machine learning, Google is utilizing technologies that are spanning the gap between online human interactions and understanding.

Because the language you use to describe your services may vary from the manner in which a potential client describes their problem, these new technologies are better adept at understanding user intent and finding them the answers they need. By staying on top of these trends, we are better able to utilize them to your benefit, and ultimately, help you connect with your next clients.

Be a Social Butterfly

While professionals may view social media as something only the “kids are doing”, the reality is that successfully using social media can provide attorneys (and their firms) the opportunity to connect with new clients.

Just think of it as another tool in your arsenal to help you remain ahead of the pack.

Today’s generation of clients is looking for a brand to trust in. Being on social media can help you to deliver a consistent message and experience whenever they run across your firm.

There’s also the benefit of being able to promote blogs and links back to your website, which can increase your traffic and clientele base.

Social media also offers attorneys a cost-effective means to stand out and make a name for themselves. This can prove to be vital in developing your community engagement.

By remaining active on social media, your community – both virtual and real – will begin to develop a greater sense of trust and value in your services and this will help to further enhance your reputation.

We recommend your firm uses the most important social networks for professionals, which include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ (Google Plus).

Staying Mobile

If you weren’t aware, mobile searches surpassed desktop searches several years ago. With the majority of people using mobile devices to browse the web, your site has to be optimized for mobile user experience.


[ Image drawn from]

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SEO is Alive and Kicking

While the process known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has gone through several reiterations, it’s far from being dead.

And it’s important to understand why you should consider investing in SEO as part of your law firm’s overall digital marketing strategy. The law is an ever competitive field that requires you to take advantage of all marketing solutions:

Get found locally – Understandably, people are searching for firms they can trust, but they also need one they can access. Most clients will seek out consultation from local firms and quality SEO strategies can help you to rank under terms relative to your location. By including your location on web content, such as blog posts or articles, people can find you close to where they are.

SEO (and content) is king. Law firms optimize their SEO usage by writing useful and informative content that is highly searchable by Google. The more frequently you post new content, the more often Google will crawl it and increase your brand’s visibility. Provide value and your customers will remain loyal. Provide great services and your base will continue to grow.

SEO benefits all your content. While SEO is implemented in a blog or article, there are numerous other opportunities to insert keywords into the right places. Think of it as having a chance to take more shots at the basket.

SEO is investing in the future. The truth is that SEO does require a financial investment, and while costs are always an issue with any business, the fact remains that it will remain an effective tool for brand visibility and actual sales into the foreseeable future.

It’s OK to follow the crowd. As “far back” as 2012, 89 percent of consumers turned to Google, Bing, or other search engines to find information on products, services, or businesses prior to making a purchase. This means you need to be where your customers are – online. But even then that’s not enough.

You need to make sure you are implementing a quality Search Engine Optimization program to be visible enough for customers to actually find you. To be competitive you have to know the game and SEO is a perfect place to start. If you’re not doing it, your competitors are only getting further ahead.

SEO is cost effective. SEO is going to provide you with a good Return on Investment in comparison to traditional marketing or other online marketing techniques such as PPC advertising or purchasing leads through an email marketing program.

SEO can help you be in control of your online image. By failing to build your own online profile, you are likely damaging your business. If you lose focus on your digital image, your website and its content, you’ll lose ranking in Google searches. A solid SEO strategy that evolves with every Google algorithm update will keep your online profile healthy.

Can you afford for your competition to get one-up on you?

You know the law. We know digital marketing. With our digital marketing formula and your expertise, we can set the bar higher than any one who has came before.

Investing in your digital marketing and SEO strategy is more important now than ever before. To succeed in today’s tech-driven market, you need to have a plan ahead. Let Cobalt Digital Marketing take you to the next level.


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Our Cobalt Formula™ can help your business prosper, reach one of our catalysts today at (866) 224-5705.

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