Putting YOU in Control of Your Digital Marketing Destiny

Putting YOU in Control of Your Digital Marketing Destiny

Presenting Cobalt Alpha

Cobalt Alpha provides freelancers, entrepreneurs musicians, artist and everyday people with everything they need to customize a website. Our easy-to-use, drag & drop software can help you affordably bring your vision to life.

And better yet, you don’t have to know how to code! Get started by clicking the button down below and selecting one of our cost-effective packages based on your needs today.

Build A Website In Seconds

If You Can Click, You Can Build A Website.

If you’ve got something to say or sell, we’ll give you the easy-to-use, low cost platform to do it on.

Select a professional design to customize for your business. Get started for free and, best of all, no coding skills required!

Put Down the Programming Textbooks and Close those How-To-Code Wiki Tabs

Seriously. You don’t need to know how to code to use our service!


Our intuitive interface will help you choose a look for your website from hundreds of template options.


User-friendly software that takes your valuable time into consideration.

Mobile friendly websites will give a professional look and smooth user experience on all devices.

Detailed analytics and website statistics will empower you with crucial data that enables you to make all the right business decisions.

Four Reasons Why You Need Cobalt Alpha

Reason #1

You’re a savvy ENTREPRENEUR looking for a website for your startup.
With packages starting as low as $10/month, you can GET IN BUSINESS quickly and cost-effectively.

Reason #2

You’re a FREELANCER looking to gain visibility.
Cobalt Alpha will help you effectively MARKET your skills to potential new client so you can score more work.

Reason #3

You’re a talented MUSICIAN looking to showcase original music to the world.
Cobalt Alpha is the perfect platform to SHARE new releases, PROMOTE upcoming events, and CONNECT with fans, venues, and other industry professionals.

Reason #4

You’re planning an EVENT or FUNDRAISER.
SHARE the excitement of your upcoming wedding or other special events in the most memorable way and let get the love live on with galleries and blogs.

So, Ready To Sell Online?

Cobalt Alpha will set you up for success. Test content, analyze data, A/B test, and convert website visitors into customers.

A Very Brief Build

Fast website construction means that you can get your product out into the digital market in record time. Before you know it, you can be making money off of your goods and services hand over fist.

One-Click Funnels

Data tracking made easy, giving you the insight you need to design the right funnel to lead tons of potential customers right to your shopping cart. Years of digital marketing experience, right at your fingertips!


Design a website that utilizes all of the slick new apps and web tools designed to improve and/or impress your visitors. A little innovation goes a long way in cyberspace, and a well-designed, sleek website can give you the edge you need over your competitors.

Cobalt Digital Marketing

For Business

Our Cobalt Formula™ leverages your digital presence by using integrated digital marketing tactics to generate leads and grow your business.

For Individuals

Whether you are a creative, a freelancer, or the next YouTube star, take your digital presence into your own hands with Cobalt Alpha.

For Agencies

A digital marketing solution for agencies, boutique firms, and freelancers. Cobalt Lab is your backroom machine for content, SEO, and PPC.